Terms and Conditions

Information and terms and conditions for private classifieds at www.falknerei.org

By placing a classified ad at www.falknerei.org you agree to our terms and conditions.

1. Private classifieds at www.falknerei.org is a free service from “De Arte Venandi”. advertiser is solely responsible for the content of the advertisements. We assume no liability or guarantee for the content of the advertisements. By registering as a user, the user releases us from all liability.

2. Ad Policies:

The following is not permitted in private classified ads:

  • Offering CITES Annex 1/EU Annex A animals without the necessary papers and permits.
  • Advertising under false names and/or under multiple aliases.
  • Links to private or commercial websites.
  • Selling unused accessories.
  • Advertisements from commercial providers, with the exception of job advertisements and training offers from hunting schools. An exception is possible at any time after written approval from us.
  • Ad content that has no connection to falconry, keeping birds of prey and/or owls.
  • Advertising for commercial providers.

The decision whether an advertisement violates our guidelines is at our sole discretion. - - Ads that we believe violate the guidelines can be deleted by us at any time and without giving reasons. In the event of violations, we reserve the right to block the user without giving reasons.

3. Use of your data

By advertising and/or registering, you agree that we automatically store and process your data. Your data will continue to be stored internally even after the ads have been deleted.

By advertising and/or registering, you agree that “De Arte Venandi” and its affiliated companies will inform you about news and information via email or, if necessary, by post. You can object to this promotional use in writing at any time.